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We have been caring for many gardens for over 30 years. Watching a garden grow and thrive is satisfying. Quality, consistency and an excellent sense of what is feasible are the criteria that are important to us; both in the selection of plants and in the design of architectural elements.

Growing from over fifty years of combined experience, Hunziker Garten AG was founded on 1st January 2016 from the gardening department of the former Wolf Hunziker AG | Planning and Landscape Gardening.

The firm is managed by the owner, Andreas Oser. Together with his long-standing team, Hunziker Garten AG will ensure a blossoming future for your garden.

What does your dream garden look like?


Ideas begin to take shape

At the outset, you may have a wealth of ideas about how your garden should look. After taking look at the current situation, we can advise you on how your garden could look. Using various visualization methods and planning techniques, we can demonstrate how your ideas will take shape: using combinations of paths, plants, seating as well as architectural eye-catchers.

New project

Appropriate style

What kind of garden matches/corresponds with/to your lifestyle? A more natural style with a swimming pond often pleases young families. A more formal, modern atrium provides time-strapped town-dwellers with a peaceful, tranquil oasis, whereas someone passionate about gardening themselves might dream of a romantic country house style garden.

Alterations and modification

In a new light

The children have flown the nest – time for a change of style. Fulfil a wish you have long cherished and enrich your garden with a new centrepiece or a new viewpoint: a bubbling spring stone, colourful shrubbery or a secluded rose pavilion.


Cultivated form

Winter pruning, a shaping or rejuvenating cut? We style your garden so that come next Summer, you can enjoy the graceful outline of your shrubs and trees. We also have just the right beauty treatment for your lawn, hedges and flower beds.

Tree care

Deep roots

A “house tree” is a sign of connectedness with and a place. Out resident tree-expert knows how trees should best be planted and optimally cared for – taking the local guidelines, environment and the natural growth of each tree into account.


Green detail

Carefully considered proportion, shaping elements and expressive plants give character to gardens, but only just the right subtle lighting, a crackling fire place, a quietly rippling fountain or still waters make the atmosphere and mood complete.

The Team

Foreman/Head Gardener
Oser Andreas

Landschaftsarchitekt HTL

Chairman of the Board


Rees David

Dr. Phil. II, EMBA

Board member


Oser Andreas

Landschaftsarchitekt HTL

Managing Director, Human Resources
Senior Expert QV EFZ / EBA Gardeners
President of Senior Experts Conference JardinSuisse

061 703 06 43 079 674 42 71 V-Card

Team member since 1995

Karpf Achim

Landschaftsarchitekt FH, Gartenbau-Techniker HF

Planning, quotation, costing/budgeting

061 703 06 42 079 249 85 61 V-Card

Team member since 2013

Meury Daniela

Hochbauzeichnerin EFZ

Accounting, secretarial services

061 703 06 40 V-Card

Team member since 2004

Rrahimi Avdyl

Construction foreman

Construction management, transport, stores, workshop

061 703 06 40 079 322 29 55 V-Card

Team member since 1986

Armati David

Construction foreman

eidg. dipl. Obergärtner/Polier

Team member since 2005

Kielwasser Philippe

Chief gardener maintenance

eidg. dipl. Gärtner

Team member since 1981

Rrahimi Gani

Chief gardener maintenance


Team member since 2000

Salihu Shaban

Construction foreman


Team member since 1988

Uka Rifat

Construction foreman


Team member since 2000

Voltz Olivier

Chief gardener maintenance

dipl. Gärtner, dipl. Baumpfleger

Team member since 2003

Bozardic Hasan

Gardener maintenance


Team member since 1987

Mesa Juan

Gardener maintenance


Team member since 1978

Rexhepi Rexhep

Gardener construction


Team member since 2003

Rrahimi Xhevahir

Gardener maintenance/construction


Team member since 1989

Steck Andreas

Gardener maintenance/construction

Gärtner EFZ Garten- und Landschaftsbau

Team member since 2015

Walliser Yves

Gardener maintenance


Team member since 2013

Ammon Brian

Apprentice gardener EBA Garten- und Landschaftsbau
2016 - 2018

Team member since 2016

Schmidt Daniel

Apprentice gardener EFZ Garten- und Landschaftsbau
2016 - 2019

Team member since 2016

Werdenberg Robin

Apprentice gardener EBA Garten- und Landschaftsbau
2017 - 2018

Team member since 2015


Hunziker Garten blooms anew

Hunziker Garten AG is launched on 1st January 2016 an enterprise separate from Wolf Hunziker AG with Andreas Oser as sole owner-manager. Together with his long established team, Hunziker Garten is committed to making your dream garden come true.

Company takeover as of 1st January 2003

Andreas Oser takes over Alois Küng’s shares and becomes co-owner of the company. A long-lasting and successful collaboration between the new owners: Andreas Oser and Hans Graber follows.

Move to Arlesheim

The company relocates to its present location in Arlesheim. Rudolf Jerg retires and Andreas Oser takes over management of the landscape gardening business.

Hans Graber and Alois Küng take over

Wolf Hunziker gradually withdraws from day-to-day running of the company. Hans Graber and Alois Küng take over the company and share capital from Wolf Hunziker. Andreas Oser joins as a landscape architect for garden planning department.

Garden exhibition Grün 80

Intensive participation in the Horticultural Exhibition Grün 80 in Basel: detailed planning and execution of lake garden, model gardens and rhododendron valley.

Founding of Wolf Hunziker AG

The Wolf Hunziker AG company is established and has been developing concepts for and designing gardens with flair and sensitivity ever since. In both the implementation and maintenance, care and attention to detail are watchwords.

Move to Reinach

The moves from Zürich to a new location in Reinach (BL), where the company remains for the next 38 years.

Founding of the landscape gardening & planning business

Wolf Hunziker founds a garden planning and horticultural company in Zurich. This year marks the beginning of the long-term success story for the newly-forged firm.

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